Our Approach to Dance

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Our Philosophy

At KICKS, we strive to offer quality dance instruction with a fun & creative approach! Students are taught in a positive environment that helps stimulate creativity, develops coordination & grace, increases self-confidence, builds friendships and promotes a life-long love for the arts!

Our Staff

KICKS is proud to provide a teaching staff that is not only talented, experienced and knowledgeable, but also classroom friendly. By this, we mean that they fit our tight criteria of being able to encourage and train dancers to be the best they can be, while keeping in mind the most important aspect of the school . . . Learning to dance should be fun!

Our Syllabus

KICKS’ owners, Kristin and John Davis, have combined years of classroom experience and private research to develop their unique syllabus. While traditional standards and techniques are the underlying foundation of their programs, they have developed new, up-to-date teaching methods aimed at inspiring today’s child. By having all instructors follow the same syllabus, KICKS’ can ensure progress from one year to the next, and consistency between teachers.