Studio Guidelines


KICKS’ office is open anytime classes are in progress. The Directors and/or administrative staff are available, in person or by phone, to answer questions, discuss studio events or hold a friendly conversation.  Over the course of the dance year you can expect to receive emails on a regular basis. These will provide reminders and detailed information about studio events. You will also find a memo board in the studio lobby and several bulletin boards in the Snack Zone posting KICKS’ literature, newsletters and reminders.

A Constructive Learning Environment

Please give our students a quiet environment in which to learn. While families are welcome to remain in the facility during classes, we ask that you please try to keep the noise to a minimum. The lobby is not a playground. If you have young children, please bring some quiet & clean activities to occupy them while they wait. You may also drop your dancer off at the start of class and return at the end of the lesson to pick-up. This gives you guilt-free time to run errands.  Running, gymnastics are not permitted in our facility.

Attendance & Absences

To help students progress confidently, we ask that families make every effort to bring their child to class regularly and promptly.  In the event that a class is missed, due to illness, family vacation or personal conflict, make-up classes may be taken within one month of the missed class. To schedule a make up class, select a class of the same level, confirm the date of your desired make-up with the studio office before arriving, and then fill out a make-up slip upon arrival to give to the instructor at the start of class.

KICKS offers no refunds, deductions or credits for missed classes.  While the studio will have some scheduled breaks during the dance season, these are not paid classes and do not need to be made up.  There is no such thing as taking a month off.  Monthly payments are for a portion of the year’s program, not a specific quantity of lessons, and a space is reserved for your child in a specific class based for the entire season. Therefore, tuition payments will be charged every month regardless of whether you attend the scheduled class or until we have received your written discontinuation notice.

Emergency Closings / Inclement Weather

In the event that the studio must close, details will be posted on our studio voice mail, as well as our facebook page.  Whenever possible, families will also receive an email notification.  To best accommodate families’ schedules, students may individually opt to make up any missed class within a 30 day time frame.  Refunds are not provided for classes canceled due to emergency or inclement weather conditions.


If, for any reason, you need to cease your year’s tuition obligation to KICKS, simply submit a written notice to the office by the 15th of the month prior to when you plan to discontinue. Once notification has been received, your automatic payment plan will be inactivated.

Notes: Families who inactivate their account prior to the final June payment will not be entitled to receive the free recital costumes, tights, tickets or mementos.  You will not receive a refund for classes you did not attend, if you discontinue in the middle of the month.  If you opted to pay for the full dance season to receive a discount, there are no refunds or credits if you discontinue, for any reason, mid-year.

Drop-off & Pick-up

KICKS is only responsible for dancers during their scheduled class time. Parents of young children must remain with their child until they are invited into the dance room by their instructor and should be waiting for them when the class is dismissed. Older students should not be dropped-off with an excess amount of time to wait prior to their lesson. All parents should come into the studio to pick up their child after class.

Dance Rooms

If you need to walk onto the dance floor for any reason, please remove street shoes first. This will help keep the floor clean and extend its life. Dance shoes should never be worn outside.  Children are not permitted in the dance room without a teacher present.


KICKS maintains a closed door policy throughout the year. Understanding the importance of witnessing your child’s experience and progress, we have observation windows for all studio rooms.

Please do not come into the dance room during class unless it is an emergency. Trust that we will make the proper corrections to your child based on the skills we are working on at the time. Never try to get your child’s attention by tapping on the window or calling out to her. Teachers reserve the right to temporarily close the window at any time if they feel that students are being distracted.


Teachers are always happy to discuss your child’s progress or behavior with you. Most classes have a break before and/or afterward for this very reason. Please do not hesitate to discuss with them any questions or concerns you may have.  If you are unable to find an appropriate time to talk with your child’s instructor, please speak to someone at the studio office and they will facilitate any questions or requests you may have.

If your child loses interest in dance, seems unhappy or appears to be under or over challenged, please let the office know. Often a recommended change of class time, teacher or subject can make all the difference.

Food & Beverages

Much time is spent daily to ensure that our facility remains a clean and safe environment for you and your children. With this in mind, food, beverages and gum are not permitted in the lobbies or dance rooms. Realizing that “accidents happen” and that many children have food allergies, we need to be sure that our lobby space is free of all food & drink items.

Feel comfortable to eat in our snack room. You may bring your own snacks or drinks, or select something from the Healthy Vending Machine. All children must be supervised while in the snack room. We ask that you please leave the space in an acceptable manner for others coming in after you.

Studio Awards

KICKS’ rewards every dancer with a recital medallion each year.  In addition, students will be presented with a trophy after dancing at KICKS consecutively for 5, 8 and 10 years!!!