3 – 5 Year Olds

Photo - KindergartenUsing our own syllabus, KICKS’ Fundamental Program is especially designed for children ages 3 through Kindergarten. Keeping in mind the developmental abilities of each age group, these classes emphasize basic dance skills, creative movement and classroom etiquette. To ensure that every class is exciting and fun, we incorporate “prop dancing” into many of the activities. With the use of scarves, bean bags, rhythm instruments and many other props, students will learn the basic elements of dance movement: balance, body & spatial awareness, rhythm, coordination and quality of movement. With the emphasis on creative expression and physical awareness, you can be assured that your child is receiving a solid education and learning to love dance at the same time!

Dance Classes for 3 Year Olds* / Creative Dance

Class Title: Combo A

Class Length: 45 Minutes

Class Description: The objectives for this class are to build a love for dance, discover movement as a form of self-expression, master basic developmental skills, get comfortable with standard classroom etiquette and introduce musical awareness skills. Students will learn through repetition and imitation. Consistency in class structure provides an atmosphere that will give dancers a feeling of control and accomplishment. Imaginations will be stimulated and coordination skills will improve as they fly like birds, pop like popcorn or “dress-up” for a special Ball. Other areas of focus will include body & spatial awareness, large & fine motor skills, coordination & balance skills and group participation.

Recital Participation: Students in this class will perform one routine in the year-end recital

Age Requirement: * must be 3 by August 31st

Dance Classes for 4 Year Olds* / Pre-Ballet & Tap

Preschool Dance ClassClass Title: Combo B

Class Length: 1 hour

Class Description: Students at this level will be challenged to maintain focus and energy for a longer time period as their lesson is now extended to a full hour (1/2 hour each of Tap & Ballet). Basic Ballet terminology will be presented, along with steps that can be executed properly. In Tap, dancers will gain increased rhythmic & coordination skills. Creative expression is developed more fully, with the continued integration of props, and students will be encouraged to express their independent thinking skills during creative activities rather than always imitating the teachers’ movements.

Recital Participation: Students in this class will perform two routines in the year-end recital

Age Requirement: * must be 4 by August 31st

Dance Classes for 5 Year Olds* / Ballet & Jazz

Class Title: Combo C

Class Length: 1 hour

Class Description: Dancers in this division will continue to develop their Fundamental Ballet skills, but will also enjoy a new exposure to Jazz. The combination of Ballet & Jazz provides the perfect balance of fast & slow. Students will be taught how to perform more advanced formations & patterns and will learn how to memorize longer combinations of steps. Creative expression is developed more fully and will be exercised through abstract & advanced movement concepts.

Recital Participation: Students in this class will perform two routines in the year-end recital

Age Requirement: * must be 5 by August 31st


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