1st – 3rd Grade

2nd Grader

1st & 2nd Grade Class Title: Classic Combo A

2nd & 3rd Grade Class Title: Classic Combo B

3rd, 4th* & 5th* Grade Class Title: Classic Combo C

Class Length: 1.25 hours / combining 2 dance styles

Class Description: All Classic Combo classes are 1 1/4 hours long and will cover two different dance styles. These divisions are designed to introduce the dance genres offered in the Classic Program and to solidify beginner skills and vocabulary. Dancers are encouraged to try as many subjects as possible during these grades – either by taking more than one class per week or by trying a different grouping each year. This will provide the most possible options to students once they progress to the Classic Select Divisions.
*Experienced 4th & 5th graders should move to Classic Select, unless doing a new dance style.

Recital Participation: Students in these classes will perform two dances in the recital – per class enrolled

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