Classic Program

In KICKS’ Classic Program students in grades 1 through 12 have the option of choosing their favorite subjects and will be challenged as they advance through each division. Dancers will find their experience the perfect outlet to enjoy music, movement, friends and fitness.

Understanding that children today are often involved with many different sports, school & church activities, this program is a fabulous way to incorporate dance into their lifestyles without having to choose it as their only activity. In addition to the obvious benefits of dance education, students will gain skills that are sure to enhance their other activities:

  • Strength, Coordination & Flexibility for Sports
  • Confidence, Creativity & Artistic Expression for Theater/Drama
  • Presentation, Style & Attitude for Dance or Cheer Teams
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Subject Offerings


Tap offers students a great opportunity to focus on their coordination and musical awareness. The skills gained in this class will carry over to every other subject.  Tap skills are also a wonderful supplement for any students interested in participating in school musicals.


Jazz classes will offer a combination of pop, theater and dance-team styles of movement.  Jazz dance instruction offers dancers over-all body fitness, flexibility & technique, set to their favorite “top 40” and Broadway style music.

Hip Hop

Hip Hop combines funk, video and street styles of movement.  Students will gain a better sense of body control, coordination and stamina while enjoying the movement to today’s most popular (age-appropriate) music.


Lyrical combines the fluidity & technique of Ballet with the style & freedom of jazz.  Most frequently performed to moderate tempo vocals (“top 40” ballads), this subject is a great way to learn how to express emotion through movement.


Ballet is the foundation of all dance forms, providing important technique and personal discipline. Students will develop grace, control, strength and fluidity in their movement.


Contemporary takes Lyrical “up a notch” by incorporating elements of Modern dance; making it more abstract, where Lyrical is more fluid. This style is combined with Lyrical for our more advanced dancers.

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