4th & 5th Grade

Photo - 4thClass Title: Classic Combo C

Class Length: 1.25 hours combining 2 dance styles

Class Description: This is the appropriate level for beginner 4th & 5th graders; or 4th & 5th graders interested in doing a specific subject for the 1st time. This division is considered our advanced beginner level. This is the final division without pre-requisites and continues the 2-subject format used throughout the Classic Combo format.

Recital Participation: Students in this division will perform 2 dances in the year-end recital.


Class Title: Classic Select A

Class Length: Separate 45 min classes for each desired dance style

Class Description: This is considered our 1st Intermediate Division. Each class in this division is 45 minutes long and dancers will have the ability to customize their schedule. They may take just one class/genre, may take more than one class scheduled back-to-back on the same day, or may come more than one day per week to include all their desired dance styles. These intermediate students will spend more time advancing their technique in each style and will learn more challenging, and slightly longer, recital routines.

Recital Participation: Students must have prior experience before entering this division and will perform 1 dance (per class enrolled) in the year-end recital.

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