8th – 12th Grade

Photo - 9th-12th
6th, 7th & 8th Grade

Class Title: Classic Select B

Class Length: 45 Minutes

Class Description: The Classic Select divisions are designed to offer the best ability to customize your schedule. Combo classes may not provide the exact pairing of subjects you prefer, so now dancers will have the flexibility to pick their absolute favorites. Many in these divisions will choose to take more than one class per week. You will find options with classes scheduled back-to-back or may choose to take single classes on different days of the week, working them more easily into your schedule.

Students must have prior experience before entering this track of divisions; and may only take Ballet, Tap or Hip Hop if it was included in that prior experience.* Participation in any subject will be determined based on student’s specific prior experience and dancers may only take subjects if they did not break from them for more years than they participated.

Recital Participation: Students in this level will perform 1 dance (per class enrolled) in the year-end recital.


8th – 12th Grade

Class Title: Classic Select C

Class Length: 1 hour

Class Description: These higher level classes offer separate, hour long, sessions for each dance genre. Please contact the studio to determine if you have the pre-requisites required to participate in these divisions.

Recital Participation: Students in this level will perform 1 dance (per class enrolled) in the year-end recital.


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