Children’s Dance Classes Near the Brandywine School District

Children's Dance ClassDance is an excellent activity to begin at a young age, so it’s great to explore classes whenever your child begins to show interest. All students who begin at KICKS Academy of Dance learn to appreciate this art form as well as how fun it can be.

As a family owned and operated business, it’s important to the staff at KICKS to maintain a family-friendly atmosphere. This includes fostering self confidence as well as ensuring age appropriate music and costumes. Our students work hard throughout the year and have the opportunity to display all they’ve learned in front of family and friends at our year-end recital.

Class Offerings

3, 4 & 5 Year Olds

Kindergarten dance classOur Fundamental Program focuses on kids ages 3 through kindergarten. While in this program, children build the foundation for their dance education including balance, rhythm, coordination, and even classroom etiquette. Of course, having fun in class is important as well.

Grades 1-12

Older children learn through our Classic Program, which introduces different styles of dance. Students are able to try out different styles and decide which subjects they’d like to study further. Additionally, dance education builds on what students have learned year after year. These dance subjects may include the following:

  • Tap
  • Jazz
  • Ballet
  • Lyrical
  • Hip Hop
  • Contemporary

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Kids’ Dance Studio Local to Brandywine School District


KICKS Academy of Dance is located in Springwater Plaza, off of route 202. Our studio is a convenient stop for students in the Brandywine school district. Apart from our convenient location, our state-of-the-art dance studio is carefully maintained each day of the week and always professionally cleaned. We do our best to keep a clean and safe facility for all of our dancers and their families.

We have six individual dance classroom, each with two-way mirror glass to our lobby so that parents can watch their children’s classes. We also understand how busy our students may be with activities. For that reason, we maintain plenty of seating and table space for homework as well as a snack area that is safe for kids with allergies. Also, our office is always staffed during class hours to answer any questions for parents.

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Parents & Students Alike Love KICKS!

It’s hard for us to tell you exactly why KICKS is so loved, so instead read this testimonials from one of our seasoned dancers. You can find more feedback on our Testimonials page.

Dancing has played such an important role in my life. Dancing has allowed me to express my emotions through music and movement. Through my years at KICKS I’ve learned the techniques of many disciplines of dance but most of all I have learned confidence. The confidence I gained through dance allowed me to explore other aspects of the performing arts. I cannot imagine my life without dancing, singing and acting and it all started with a ballet and tap class with Miss Bethanne. The relationships  that I have created through my years at KICKS mean the world to me.I am proud to call the KICKS family, my family.


Come Visit KICKS

If you’d like to learn more about our dance program or facility, contact us and make an appointment to come by! A member of our staff will be happy to give you a tour and provide any information you’d like. If you’re prepared to enroll in classes, you can find all information on our Registration page.